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Trends Make You Look Fat and Old- Yes I Said It!

17 May

When you write about trends (or anything else for that matter), it should be relevant and interesting, right?  A rhetorical question, I know.  Would you like to look younger and thinner?  Another rhetorical question.  But how?  Entirely answerable so here goes…..

I’m a big believer in the basics.  Simple hair styles, natural make up, clean and pressed clothes, and unmarked shoes.  I know this can sound borderline boring but ask yourself if you follow these guidelines.  Is your hair cut age appropriate?  Is your hair and make up color soft, not severe?  Are your shoes in good condition?  For god’s sakes, do you have an awesome pair of jeans and a clean, white tee and can you rock them?

When I see anyone trying too hard to dress to impress, I immediately wonder what they are trying to hide?  Age? Weight? I see all their flaws because my attention is drawn to the extra effort.  Don’t let your personality get buried in fashion distractions.

It’s an exercise in constraint.  Work on the main meal (you) and skip dessert (stuff).  If your confidence is big then your age and weight is little no matter what the numbers say.

Confidence is a trend that never goes out of style and requires that you believe you are beautiful in just the basics.



Is There a Demotologist in the House? Paging Dr. Clarisonic.

8 May

Have you ever taken a piece of clear scotch tape and put it on your face?  Of course not, I’m sure, really…..and even if you did, you wouldn’t admit it or you would at least claim it was a prank.  But here’s my proposition to you…take a piece of clear scotch tape and put it on your face and then pull it off.  (I might suggest you do this after dinner so as not to lose your appetite).

There’s the evidence Sherlock Holmes style.  Your face if full of dead skin cells and dirt and grime and today’s bad everything.  Do you trust your soap to get all this clean?  It’s a lot to ask from your basic soap so Clarisonic comes to the rescue.  (insert Superman theme song).  It’s the street cleaner of sorts for your complexion.  The Clarisonic claims to remove 6X the amount of dirt, etc. than your hands could.  I’m admittedly not great in math or science anymore (I did pull some pretty tight grades in college despite a few nasty hang overs) but I can tell you for sure that the positive results are in your reflection.

Mirror, mirror on the wall….who’s skin is the prettiest of all?
Yours, of course with the help of Clarisonic.