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What’s Your Name?….Say About You

18 Mar

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?  Pretend you’re someone else?  It doesn’t matter if it was someone fictitious or famous, I bet the thought crosses minds a lot.  I’ve found being someone else is as easy as changing your name-temporarily.

Citing from personal experience, when your private life compares to watching paint dry, being someone else, anyone else, is way better than the facts.  I’ve had an awful lot of fun lately meeting new people and taking on a pseudo name. In full disclosure, I let my new friends in on my role play.  I’m just out to have some harmless fun.   It’s amazing the positive responses to names like “Cinnamon” and “Niki”.  This is brand-name shopping at its best.   Who wants “Pepsi” over “Coke”?  “Chaps” verses “Ralph Lauren”?  “Bronzeville” or “Gold Coast”?

I haven’t done a formal analysis, but I’m guessing that pretending to be someone else is a desire similiar Freud’s theory on sexual, fantastical, frequent thoughts-it happens a lot.

Last night, in honor of St. Pat’s, “Shannon” replaced Nichole.  Nichole just wasn’t Irish enough.  Results are in and  “Shannon” scored a very hot “Kevin”.  Today, it’s back to reality.