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Lord and Taylor Free Make up Event

7 May

I’m all in support of party with a cool theme.  I’ve chaired a few social soirees myself and a theme can be the force behind the frenzy.  A themed party is like Halloween.  You get to dress up and have an excuse to go outside your comfort zone a little.  But, sticking to my reputation as being a bit traditional and conservative, I’m always gonna choose the “pretty” character to copy.  For example, in a party with a circus theme, I’m going as the flying trapeze artist or the trick horse lady-both cute in leotards and feathers.  If it’s a superhero’s theme, Catwoman is awesome because she’s a sexy cat, of course.

The same applies to this year’s Met Gala, where patrons, celebs, models, and tagalongs came in punk inspired hair, make up and couture.  Here’s a collection of my favorite, feminine- not offending- beauties.

If you like what you see, come visit me this Saturday, May 11 at Lord and Taylor Oakbrook.  I am moderating a FREE beauty event which includes make up artists who can create these very looks for any special occasion.  This is a perfect event for the prom set looking to meet a make up artist to add that special touch.

call me 630-484-7561

180 Oakbrook Center



Nichole on the Go

6 May

Monday’s are hard enough, so I’m writing to help ease you into the week ahead with a delicious dinner idea for tonight.  Challenging the old adage that “the best tasting things are the simplest to make,” here is the menu that aces the test.

Potato chip dip: cream cheese mixed with milk and green onion

Dinner: pot roast cooked in Coke and beef bouillon

Side dish: cut up root veggies tossed in oil and roasted

Dessert: peanut butter, melted butter, graham cracker and powder sugar mixed and covered with melted chocolate

I’ve included my playlist used in last week’s spring fashion show.  Your dinner preparations will be done way before the playlist is!

And if you spill your red wine on the carpet while cooking and dancing, pour a mound of salt to absorb the liquid. Problem solved……but try not to waste good wine!