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#1 Neglected Fashion Trend

24 Oct

In an unofficial capacity, I was an audience member at a fashion show last night.  I know, it’s like a postman taking a walk on his day off.  But unlike the metaphorical postman and his leisurely walk, I used the time for research and professional development.

The fashion show was the usual routine including lights, music, a runway, models and a jet set crowd of fashionistas.  When I produce a fashion show, I like to entertain and educate the audience on all things fashion.  This is what sets me apart from other producers and what was missing in the mix of models and music in the show.

“Fashion” is a head to toe concept in my book.  In particular, I subscribe to the belief that the number one secret to updating your look and shedding years off your appearance is to visit a cosmetic counter every year.  Nichole’s Fashion Commandment: your make up gets noticed before your outfit does.

As a fashion show commentator and producer, I have access to all the latest trends, top models, current styles and colors.  The one thing I consistently recommend is a professional make up application. This Saturday at Lord and Taylor Oak Brook, we will be highlighting the latest trends in skin care and make up.  Live demonstrations, questions and answers, plus tons of free products make this event the hottest ticket in town.

I’ve discovered the fountain of youth and it’s in the cosmetic department at Lord and Taylor Oak Brook.  Put your best face forward and come join me this Saturday!


Me, Amy Elliott, Lorena Munoz at "Rev it Up" fashion show

Me, Amy Elliott, Lorena Munoz at “Rev it Up” fashion show

"Rev it Up" fashion show

“Rev it Up” fashion show


Come a Little Closer and Turn it Up

17 Oct

Come a Little Closer and Turn it Up.

Come a Little Closer and Turn it Up

17 Oct

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What’s it like to be a Fashion Show Director?

12 Oct


Me, Angela Rose, Rafer Weigel

Because I produce fashion shows, I am often asked by friends and family, “what’s it like to be a fashion show director?”  Last night’s Fear No Fashion event is a perfect example to share.  Twelve models, two agents, five dressers, eight hair and make up stylists, three Chicago designers, a DJ, and celebrity co hosts from TV and radio were all within my purview each waiting my specific instructions.  Add in over $25,000 worth of clothing, an audience of a hundred guests, and the news filming for the 10 o’clock broadcast, and my responsibility multiplies.  Coordinating the clothes, choreographing the models and commentating are the creative aspects of my job and what I enjoy most.  I deal directly with the hottest trends, best designers, beautiful models, and entertain on the microphone.

My friend asked me what I felt was the most rewarding part of my work.  Most of my clients are charities.  The fashion show last night benefited PAVE founded by Angela Rose.  Motivated by a personal, tragic experience, Angela is a young woman determined to help the abused.  If my work can help charities like PAVE reach their goals, then I feel successful.

“My Favorite Things” Party in the Burbs

10 Oct

Ladies in the suburbs gettin crazy on a Wednesday night, count me in.  An Evite titled “My Favorite Things” called us to attention.  We were asked to bring something that we loved and share our secret with the group.  If you’ve ever seen Oprah’s Favorite Things show, it was very much the same.  You felt like you were privy to secrets that no one else knew and they were guarenteed to offer magic properties of youth, beauty and relaxation.  And because we were asked to bring duplicates, everyone went home with something. The best tanning cream, foot cream and chapstick were few of the cosmetics included.  Thank God we have a doctor in the mix.  She brought “weed” in a bottle.  A few dabs of the special potion, and it’s supposed to melt away your stress.  Questionable but I’ll try it.  I whispered to my friend that I’d like a “My Favorite Boudoire Secrets” party and without hesitation she said, “let’s wave our ninnies in the air, we’re among friends.”  Save the date.