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Do You Live Like You Were Dying?

1 Nov
Be happy!

Be happy!

Lately my path has crossed with a lot of new friends soul-searching, seeking self-help, and looking for an overall meaningful connection to life.  Joel Osteen mantras flood my Facebook feed.  I was a cheerleader and I understand that people like motivators.  The whole “personal trainer” industry would collapse not to mention that psychotherapy sessions would become ridiculous if we just believed in ourselves.

Do you live your life like you were dying?  You’ll have all of eternity to self deprecate, regret, and wish you ate that last piece of cake.  This is not an endorsement for “Girls Gone Wild.”  This, however, is your free pass to love yourself, forgive yourself, think positive and be kind to the world.  It takes just as much energy to self sabotage and think negative.  Set goals-big and small.  This is your own personal training session and it doesn’t cost you a thing.  You’ll get results.

When life gets challenging, true goodness shines.  You’ll recognize all the things you DO have.  Random acts of kindness become not so random.  The less you have is when you appreciate what’s really important.

Enjoy your weekend.  Love your family.  Kiss that hot stranger in the dark if you’re single or buy a new nightgown for your husband to see you in tonight.  Eat the cake and then take a walk.  Live like you were dying.