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Bright Eyed

5 Mar

This morning my phone chirped a text at 6:40am.  Given the time of day, I knew it must be important.  It read, “any suggestions for a product that will help take my black circles under my eyes away?”  It was a 911 make up emergency and I was at the ready.  Down the fire pole, I slid into action.

Make up professionals aren’t called artists for no good reason.  We are talent masters of illusion using noninvasive techniques.  I have been in the fashion industry since I had pimples so proper make up technique became a necessity.  I learned make up application is like anything, master the basics and then build from there.  

Under eye concealer is one of my favorite tricks to enhance youth and beauty.  It is often underrated or overlooked. Why?  I have no idea but it needs to be part of your routine everyday.

It takes four products to make the magic happen.  A moisturizer, a pot concealer, white pencil and translucent powder.  

Step 1.  Gently apply moisturizer to your face and neck.  It is critical that you always use tender care when working with the skin around your eye.  NEVER rub or pull.

Step 2. Use a wedge sponge to apply the concealer.  Apply the product using the narrow end of the sponge patting the concealer under your entire eye up to the lashes and the width of your finger tip.  Take the wide end of the sponge and feather the edges to blend.

Step 3. Use a white chubby pencil and sparingly dab color in your inner eye and blend.  Take the same pencil and highlight your brow bone.  This technique opens your eye up, makes it brighter and diminishes dark circles.

Step 4. Set with a brush dipped in translucent loose face powder.

The best news of all……this emergency repair advice won’t require you to get Obamacare.