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Fashion’s Blank Canvas

18 May

Fashion, in my expert and humble opinion, does not have to be fussy and complicated.  While subtle changes to traditional lines can make last year’s style obsolete, there are a few fashion staples that even Coco herself would stamp as timeless and irreplaceable. The white blouse is one of those key pieces-a blank canvas for a woman’s wardrobe and her many moods.

Fit and fabric are the two non-negotiables when considering an item in your wardrobe as “timeless”.  As long as you adhere strictly to these two rules, a white blouse takes center stage as a key piece-a solid foundation fashion statement.  It’s investment dressing and, to be considered truly timeless, you have to buy the best.  Do not cut corners.  You know what happens to a house with a crack in its foundation?

Wardrobe staples favor the girl who considers herself a traditionalist.  Classic is a word she treasures and rightly so; now and forever, timeless style, top drawer details and gracious manners that will never go out of fashion.

The fun begins when you pair this perfect piece with your own signature style. It becomes all about the accessories with mix and match versatility.  Be prepared to dazzle.  From traditional to modern, safe to sexy, naughty or nice, the white blouse is your mood motivator.

Fashions with Flair’s fashion show production team scours the fashion magazines.  We work with the top models, djs and entertainment talent.  Our signature trend dressing segment is what sets us apart.  We coordinate the perfect white blouse and give you the 411 for fashion fun at every show.