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“Boot Camp” for Fashion Fitness

2 Oct

How would you like to attend a boot camp that doesn’t require a gym membership, doesn’t cost anything, elevates your fashion IQ, and makes you a scene stealer in every way? Too good to be true? Class is in session and the lesson is how to wear today’s boot styles with all your key wardrobe pieces.

Boots burst onto the scene and made their mark with the introduction of the knee high boot. This was the style that took over the everyday black pump and made it the go-to for daytime chic. Paired with skirts, it gives the illusion of a black tight but with 1000x the sophistication. The modern day twist to this look is to partner the black, knee high boot with an off white hem line.  It’s black and white and right all over.

For your tough girl side, nothing says femme fatale like the motorcycle boot.  It is the perfect accomplice to the skinny jean.  The chunky boot accentuates the long, lean leg and screams, “you have the right to remain sexy.”

The slouch boot is borrowed from bohemian chic, but I like to make it modern and of-the-moment.  Paired with a mini skirt and patterned tights, the slouch boot is a great flat that runs you from day into evening.

Hem lines are on the rise and the over the knee boot makes a soccer mom look like an Olympic champ. If you’re young and daring, you have the green flag for high heeled gear.  For the rest of us, the rule book says flat heels.

The shootie, or shoe boot, has taken over as the power player in high heels.  It’s a chameleon and changes to fit all styles.  With tights and a skirt, boyfriend jeans, and the latest favorite, cuffed jeans, the shootie adds swagger to your stride.

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