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Key Trends for Fall ’15

27 Dec

As a fashion show producer and professional commentator, I am often asked by my friends, family, and clients, “what are the key trends for the season?” I am also the mother of four children who want a home cooked meal every night, so my fashion choices have to be approachable, wearable, accessible, and understandable. I work with the top models, dj’s, choreographers, and designers, so I get to see what’s hot FIRST and hand deliver it right to you-Spark Notes for fall 2015 fashion!

First, your wardrobe has to be built on a solid foundation of key coordinates. I’m a firm believer in quality basic pieces. The must-haves include:

  1. a crisp, well fitted, white blouse
  2. quality jeans
  3. fitted white tee
  4. black leather jacket
  5. the best LBD money can buy

From here, sky’s the limit in accessory dressing and where the real fun begins!

This season, fashion and practicality go together! Woo Hoo! It’s more modern to mix than to match, so break the rules and mash up the patterns. Say bye, bye to boring solids and take a turn on the wild side. Plaid does go with polka dots and cheetah print is the new neutral so wear it with almost everything. Tom Ford….nails it!


Marc by Marc Jacobs brings boyish charm to feminine dressing. The latest new comer in neckwear is the silk ascot. It’s making a grand entrance in an oh-so-ladylike way.  Colorful, sophisticated and soft, this key piece tied in various ways says, “you’ve arrived.”

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 3.43.09 PM

Brooches aren’t just for the Queen Mum anymore.  Pin a piece on your lapel, in the center of your silk ascot, or in the middle of your bikini top. This accessory is a statement-making piece that adds power and performance. Balenciaga show how to make a woman shine with this one key piece.

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 3.44.10 PM

An apple a day in winter doesn’t keep the doctor away quite like a fur coat! But it’s not your grandmother’s fur anymore.  Rockstar glamour comes with fun, colorful coats that make silver white winters turn into a Forth of July parade.


It’s a party for your feet this fall, too!  Colorful kicks take you all over town with your cuffed jeans.  This is exactly the trend I’ve been dreaming of to put a spring in my everyday routine.


A surprise this season comes by way of make up. Any age and any size, self tanning bronzer from Trish McEvoy is a one size fits all.  It is your secret weapon against the dead of winter blues. A light dusting and I swear you’ll feel younger- just wait ’til your friends notice.


Here’s your cheat sheet for what’s hot as the temps drop. It’s all in the details this fall season and we’ve got you covered from head to toe with the crash course in fall trend dressing 2015.  It’s up to you if you want to share!





Dennis Basso Fall Preview ’16 Review

26 Dec

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who will be the best dressed this fall? 

With soft fabrics that invite you to touch, additions of fur pieces are never too much. 

Is it magic or is it true, Dennis Basso, the godfather of fashion fantasy, brings it all to you.

The Basso 2016 pre-fall collection pairs fairy-tale fashion with everyday wear-ability. With enchanted designs, luxe fabrics, fine fur, elite craftmanship, and deep hues, Basso remains true to his luxury brand this season.

The color pallet includes midnight blue, teal, brick red, coco and jet black. These are a twist on straightforward, neutral colors which are blended together to bring a depth and interest beyond the basics.The fabrics he selects absorb and reflect the rich earth tones. There’s a connectivity with the choices in color, fabric, and construction that bring this magical tale to life.


He uses the familiar architectural chinoiserie pattern of birds, branches, flowers, and the heavens-decor likely found in the upper east side apartments of his famous clients. Each piece is a wearable work of art and a story in the making. Supple fabrics combined with feminine designs remind us of all the romantic reasons we like being a girl. Liquid dripping silk, billowy chiffon, and fur all cut in patterns that favor fluidity. The shapes make a woman look like she’s walking on a cloud.  Effortless in beauty and taste, the Basso collection will appeal to a woman’s femininity and charm.


Ball gowns and party dresses are complimented by Basso’s signature fur collection. Russian broad tail with feather-like touches of fox designed as capes and vests are some of the versatile fur pieces offered in the collection. Sable and chinchilla walking coats are reserved for toppers on ball gowns and party dresses. Basso also includes suede ensembles that make everything he’s designed for fall irresistible to the touch.


Basso understands his clients’ desires. For them, fashion is a way of the luxe life. Whether she’s running errands or sipping champagne, she wants to look special, but feel special too – Cinderella is her middle name…..With the addition of a key fur piece from Basso or one of his ready to wear ensembles, it’s a daydream become reality.