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Paris Fashion Week Couture Review 2016

30 Jan

Ralph and Russo Spring 2016 Couture

Yawn….wake me up when Spring Couture 2016 is on the runway….wait….it is. :/

In show biz you always want to start strong and end strong.  If you apply the same rules to Fashion Week Paris 2016, the headlining names are solid starters-Atelier Versace, Dior, Giambattista Valli-but the collections were booring.

Predictable pastel color pallets and lots of creamy white, the architecture of the clothes was equally as expected.  The shapes were strapless ball gowns with billowing skirts or jersey knit-cling to your skin sheaths.  

Who was reliable -and thank god- was Dior.  Raf Simons and his studio directors Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier delivered tried and true, feminine dressing. Ruffieux and Meier headed fall and spring RTW and couture studios under Simons and the dynamic duo didn’t disappoint. Ladylike coordinates, supple fabrics, and powerful color combinations which Dior coined “couture’s new realism.” Off the shoulder tops, illusion details, and just the right amount of sparkle give this collection the feeling of something special. I’m not sure there was one piece I’d be unhappy with should I find it on my doorstep. (“Thank you” secret admirer-if you are out there).

IMG_4983IMG_4982Atelier Versace Spring 2016 Couture Runway

Tennis anyone? Versace’s collection was titled “athletic couture”.  Say wahhh?  Rumor-mongers swear that Donetella-the workout workaholic -brought her gym clothes to the designers for inspiration. True story or urban legend, it doesn’t matter because the words “athletic” and  “couture” should never be used together.  One stand out piece was a cut out, black jumpsuit with dangling ropes from the arms and legs.  What’s worse is that Gigi Hadid, the model unlucky enough to have this thing hanging on her rack, couldn’t even make it look good.  Enough said.Schiaparelli Couture Spring 2016

Ever dreamed of being a top runway model? Glitz, glam, pampering, and accolades galore?!  Well you might think twice if your first runway show is for Schiaparelli Couture 2016.  “The white unibrow is in”-said no one ever.  This is such a distraction from the clothes which are distracting in their own special way. It’s just simply a crime against fabric to put an embroidered lobster on your chest. Fashion police-arrest that woman!

Aside from the general pedestrian forms, I must give credit where credit is due.  Across the board, the designers adhered to the couture standard of quality craftsmanship.  Even from afar, you can admire the construction of the pieces, the intricate hand beading, the draping of fabric, and the careful nip and tuck.  This is what makes all these pieces true collectables.  It shows the level of taste and discernment of the woman who wears them.

The trend seems to be to make couture something it’s not-Dior’s day to evening chic or Versace’s lifestyle lift.  Maybe the traditional pastel strapless ballgown is better-at least we know what we’re getting.

The week is young, spring ’16 is sprung, and more to come from Paris…..!