Coachella Fashion and a Whole Lot More

22 Apr

When you mix celebs, music, fashion, and put it all in a remote desert location, what you get is a sick mix of off the chain awesomeness.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a multi faceted mix of entertainment with music being the main draw but fashion is the becoming the Kanye West to the Taylor Swift-a side show that gets your attention. The festival brings about 180,0000 people each year to Indio and Palm Springs, California and takes place Friday-April 12 and April 17-19 so buckle up, with back to back weekends, this sh-t gonna get real real.

Like the movie themes of Weekend at Bernie’s combined with Risky Business and touch of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Coachella is a millennial’s excuse to let it all hang out and then memorialize it on Instagram. When this type of epic low down is happening, rest assured people are dropping a few dimes and dressing for the occasion. You ask, “What is the dress code for dance club in the desert?” – well we’re here to break it down, bust it out, and help get yo swag on.

In the fabulous life of the young, rich, and famous what you wear is like a mating call of clothes. Lots of skin covered with tats, cut outs, cut offs, and crop tops are the go-to favorite to show the body art. There’s no shortage of denim and lace and designers like Nanette Lapore bring  signature girlish charm.  Accessories are all part of the hippie vibe. Fringe cross body bags, floppy hats, and flower headbands all add to the mood. The glam squad in attendance includes Gigi Hadid, the Jenner clan, Biebs, and Chris Brown and they’re always DTI. Last year Hadid wore a chestnut colored suede vest. This look was so loved, the style made its way into retail stores around the globe as a key piece. Flat caps and screen tees are a DJ’s favorite uniform.

Pop up shops and interactive virtual reality experiences from H & M are the new, modern way to titalize their audience in real time.  The most recent designer to buy into the buzz is Calvin Klein. In an effort join the “in” crowd, Klein and their multiple subsidiaries will host a “brand experience” over the weekend. Well, hell ya, “brand me“!-whateveh that means.

Temperatures rise with body heat combined with hot as hell desert conditions, pool parties are happening at hotels and private residences so off the hook that even Robin Leach would drop his dentures in ecstasy. Coachella has a modern-day Woodstock vibe (if you’re old enough to make that connection) but with parties set in über elite retreats.

Coachella attracts an orgasmic line up of talent and entertainment. The event may self combust with young, hottie fever.  Get your posse locked and loaded-this event isn’t for amatures.


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Little Things, Big Impact

17 Apr

Opening the tool box of essentials I’m here to help you get through the temperature ups and downs this spring. The littlest things can make a big impact on your look and help you weather Mother Nature’s ever-changing moods. From jackets, to vests, and purses, add just the right accessory to layer together for any kind of weather.

The crop box jacket is a power player in any wardrobe. A slightly rounded shoulder, long sleeve, and cut at the hip bone, it is a figure flattering design that maximizes all your curves. The fall RTW 2016 collections made this a centerpiece creating it from colorful pelts and fine embossed leather. Alice and Olivia’s 2016 show featured a multi stripe dyed rabbit jacket that was youthful, artistic, and versatile.  J. Mendel never fails to set the bar and then vault it into the next stratosphere creating a red ombre dyed mink with monkey fur cuffs that was cool AF!  But Dennis Basso, the king of all things luxury, put forth the most stunning white mink and alligator embossed leather jackets. For a bridal gown, a black tie ball, a boudoir romance, or your moment at the Oscars, these coats gave a real sense of occasion.

Your bullet proof vest consists of soft fur and festive adornment-it takes you fearlessly through the streets. Gucci’s spring RTW 2015 interpretation was the most imaginative and exciting. The designer used a mix of fur pelts like fox and monkey fur dyed in color combinations of reds, whites, and browns that arrested me in my tracks. What was especially nice about these pieces is their cut- slimming silhouettes and just the right bling that give you total street cred. Fendi’s fall RTW 2016 showed a variety of colorful fur pieces and their interpretation of the vest was more voluminous. Bold patterning and billowy fox fur, this was a substantial piece that was pure fashion armor for the elements. J. Mendel’s black and white mink Piscasso-esque vest was the best of the bunch. A sophisticated basic that pairs with jeans, leather pants, and your LBD.

The purse has taken center stage as a status symbol and a conversation starter all in one. Sally LaPointe’s spring 2016 RTW show featured pony hair and fur envelope styled purses. Carried like a clutch or cross body, their size and coloring were statement making pieces that put an explanation point on outfits. Fendi’s fall 2016 RTW purse was as generous with size and style similar to their vest options. An oversized boho bag would carry everything and the kitchen sink in style. A more demure, traditional medicine bag was a great addition too. Prada’s snake-skin style and Blugirl’s pink shearling purses were both functional and fabulous.

Don’t worry about what the weather man predicts, you’re  charmed and dangerous with key pieces to ease you into spring that tackle the elements all in style.

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The Nature in Spring Fashion ’16

5 Apr

A Secret Garden flourishes with new life this spring fashion season 2016. Designers are inspired by Mother Nature and her bustling kingdom of flora and fauna. A vibrant kaleidoscope of color is a welcome reprieve from the dull grey color of winter and opens our eyes to a view of rich fields of fashion options.

An enchanted wilderness of vines, flowers, birds, rainbows, and blue skies, spring’s collections were entwined with the beauty of the season. Gucci’s spring RTW 2016 collection featured mythical designs and exaggerated landscapes. Forbidden forests laid grounds of oversized flowers that adorned leather, silk, and chiffon. A leather moto jacket and mini skirt ensemble was embroidered with brightly colored peonies, honeycomb, and ivy as butterflies danced in and about the inlaid garden. A serpentine winds sinuously up the pant leg of an outfit or, more obscurely, hiding in an intricate pattern of vines. A brown mink intarsia coat creeps up with sprouts from Jack’s bean stalk.

Floral patterns were pervasive in the spring collections but the way they were done was anything but expected. Brock’s RTW 2016 collection featured a black and white silhouette of flowers and vines. It was modern and clean-a departure from the usual brightly colored floral presentations. Giorgio Armani did a maxi dress of silk chiffon decorated with ivory peonies against a salmon background-powerful and feminine at the same time. The more usual florid designs included a brightly colored car wash ensemble from Chanel. The motif and movement of the dress pulsated with pure excitement and anticipation of the warm weather ahead.

Fashion took flight with bird and butterfly motifs. What could be more synonymous with the advent of spring? Alberta Ferretti created the most magical gowns that mimic monarch butterflies in her spring 2016 collection. Diane Von Furstenberg for spring RTW 2016 used gold thread to weave frolicking butterflies which danced all along cream chiffon dresses. Marc Jacobs embellished a blue pantsuit with two kissing swans-everlasting love for sure! Sonia Rykiel’s spring collection used brightly colored birds flying in a midnight sky with a sunshine colored fur boa to pull the whole look together. Snow White and her song couldn’t romance the feathered friends more effectively if she tried.

Accessories became a fun way to bring in the outside. Dolce and Gabbana’s spring RTW 2016 was themed off of a Roman holiday. Oversized flowers pinned on hems and in the hair, it was a key accessory to be worn with just the right amount of whimsy and attitude. A colorful fur clutch, dangling oranges made up earrings, sandals decorated with roses and fur pon poms, and big, bright sunglasses completed the romantic notion and dreams of a warm weather vacation come true. Starfish, crabs, stripped umbrellas, and pineapple appliqués were reminiscent of a sea side vacation. All you needed was the fruity drink with an umbrella in it.

After the wind and the rain, a Technicolor view is within our reach. Spring 2016 is on the horizon and promises to breath fresh air into our fashion routine.

Fur-sure Fall Trends 2016

1 Apr

Want to turn your fall fashion 2016 into something altogether amazing? Well, we’re here to help. Why not start off with a must have mink intarsia walking coat, or maybe pick a fox fur collar for your statement piece, or how about a dramatic fur cape to swoop in and show off your unmistakable style? Just make sure you layer things on, prepare for what old man winter throws your way and show him who’s boss.

From a frenetic pace of fall fashion show reviews from New York, London, Milan, and Paris, there were a few signs of reoccuring signature styles that are here to stay. Fashion mandates that fur is not just a luxury item in your closet reserved for only special occasions. It is a must have essential in your wardrobe. As the thermometer drops, we track the trends and chart a course  to destination high fashion…… is it getting hot in here or is that my fur keeping me warm?

The season’s most stunning combinations from the catwalk can fold seamlessly into every day, wearable chic. The designers have created the perfect balance to keep today’s modern woman warm and stylish. Here’s a few of our favorite picks!……

Mink intarsia topper coats have taken center stage as a key piece for cold weather dressing. Form and function, these coats are made to endure a full season of wearability day to evening. Their slim lines make them comfortable to wear, easy to travel in, and allow you layer all you like. The colorful patterns and artistic flair of intarsia design shows the singular style and sophistication of the woman who wears it. Chuck your everyday boring wool coat and replace it with a glamorous mink intarsia coat. It’s investment dressing that will take you around the block, around the clock and around the globe in first class fashion.

Great news! ….Capes aren’t just for superheros anymore. Welcome to the season where wardrobe choices are gloriously bold and the impact on your look is just as big. The timeless style of a cape shows an effortless, fashionable appeal that can be worn just about anywhere. Thrown over your shoulders, it tells the world, “yes, I do wake up looking this glamorous.” Created from fine mink in black or brown,  this style cape looks very old Hollywood. Saint Laurent went full tilt including a sweeping 3/4 long black mink cape with a regal metal closure. Take that, Game of Thrones fans! Pick a shearing and leather design for daytime chic with a tough girl appeal. Add beads and a fox fur collar and this cape has you front row at the opera. No matter your lifestyle, a fur cape is a cool girls guide to today’s modern trend.

Boho chic in a mixture of fur pelts is the new way to neutral. Pattern mixing is here to stay and when it includes color combinations of white, brown, tan and black, it becomes a versatile basic you can’t go without. Provenza-Schuler,  a designer known for sleek fashion engineering even introduced their own version of this gypsy mash up.  Marrying rabbit, fox, and lynx furs promises a life long commitment to luxury and style that say’s “I do.”

The fox fur collar is the absolute first and last word on luxury.  It would be faster and more efficient to name which designers didn’t feature this look somewhere in their collection. Whether it adorns the lapel of a walking coat or blazer, it is the finishing touch that says you’ve arrived. Sonia Rykiel hardly had a look that was missing this trend.  A detachable collar with a ribbon to fasten it about your neck is the modern accessory that takes that place of a necklace. Roksanda made this a must have and a go anywhere piece that sets you head and shoulders from the crowd.

What’s especially exciting about the trends emerging from the fall RTW 2016 collections at home and across the pond is their versatility. The furs have an everyday ease that are made to work and endure a season of wear. Introducing ideas like fun fur accessories and intarsia top coats show how easily these little extras reinvent your wardrobe.


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Fall 2016 Fur Accessories

27 Mar

While the blur of fall’s RTW fashion week 2016 remains fresh in our rear view mirror, with eager anticipation we focus on the road ahead towards spring.   As we navigate that transition, it’s always useful to review critical designer cues that will keep our multi-seasonal style on the fast track to sophistication – and this year, it’s all in the accessories! The rule of three when getting dressed goes like this- top, pant, accessory! It’s the finishing touch that makes the look. We break down the looks and parse out what’s important. Here’s your road map to success in adding accessories to take your look across the finish line…..

A jacket is NEVER NOT an awesome idea and completes your look EVERY TIME. It’s a power player in a wardrobe and the designers gave us a multitude of options. For example, a fur bathrobe coat from Cavailli or Brock can be wrapped like a blouse, a dress, or a topper over your shoulders. For the adventurous and exotic girl who likes to live life on the edge, add a jacket made from a skin. It’s lightweight, durable, and coordinates from day to evening. Leave it to Cavailli to be skin-tastic! A jacket with fur sleeves was a popular favorite among the designers this year and is a twist on the ordinary. Colorful fox fur sleeves were added to tweed and leather coats and the combination was really a dominate take away from the shows. Prada, Antonio Marras, and Suno perfected this look. They ever popular moto coat showed up time and again. Diesel Black Gold and Mulberry used silver hardware to toughen up the approach. Anyway you look at it, a jacket is key piece that gives you maximum mileage for your investment. It is the first and last word on a must have accessory.

Make a statement without saying a word. Designers Lanvin, Sally La Pointe and Givenchy add a fur boa to RTW that inspires and turns heads. Long, luxurious, and powerful, this accessory gets you past the velvet rope and into your own VIP section. Thrown over one shoulder, this is a simple way to style it and it’s very effective. Drape it around the back of your neck, put a belt at your waist, and you’ve got a shawl collar that’s killer. Wrap it around your neck and add a rhinestone pin and this is a necklace of epic proportion.

Designers Versace and Lanvin put a tail on it! A rabbit or fox tail make a great addition to purses. Pin these pieces and show your fun and whimsical side. It’s also a tactile treasure to play with if you don’t have a toy poodle tucked in your bag.

The fall RTW fashion shows gave us great styling options. Your formula for fashion success begins and ends with a great fur accessory. Today’s top designers give you the newest color combinations, daring silhouettes, and luxury beyond expectation. Add a jacket, boa, or a tail and you have a recipe for fashion success. Fur is a unique material that is in a class of its own. It’s eye catching with its wistful appearance, refracting light and air. It defines the silhouettes with a subtle halo effect and most of all it begs to be touched.
Your imagination is your limitation.

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Ring in Spring 2016

24 Mar

The forecast for spring predicts partly sexy with a chance of fun.  As the temperatures rise, let the layers melt. Soft feminine fabrics, girly designs, and bright colors all make us giddy with excitement. The Spring RTW 2016 collection is blooming with limitless options.

Persephone ascends  from the underworld and breathes new life into terra ferma and her offspring. Flowers burst on the scene and are in full view inspiring fashion. Floral patterns adorn boxy crop tops, midi skirts, and topper coats. Fashion mirrors nature as we shed the dull grey’s away. A sunrise combination of colors, exotic patterns and a perfect vacation dream come true. Nicole Miller, Elie Saab, and Alexander McQueen were just a few of many who made a special delivery with floral prints. Grab a colorful curly lamb hair purse and you’ve got the look nailed!

The color white is as ubiquitous to spring/summer as are pool parties and barbeques. Each in its own way, they are always fun even though somewhat expected. This season the designers gave white a revamp by adding texture. Long forgotten are the crisp, white men’s wear shirts and now eyelet and lace add lady like glam. Elie Saab and Rochas used a geometric, 3D effect that was modern and uber cool.  But leave it to Dennis Basso to deliver the fait de complis…..his lazer cut white leather and fur pieces leave you breathless and enchanted. Basso’s craftsmanship and his imagination is second to none.

The moto jacket is here to stay forever and ever amen. It’s a must have in black leather first and then pick it up in distressed brown with shearling lining. Trust me, no regrets! What to pair it with for spring?…….Move over skinny pant and make way for your more voluptuous cousin because the wide leg trouser is taking center stage. In soft, flowing fabrics, this is the perfect silhouette for this season. A carefree yet classic style, this pant is a breath of fresh air. The white palazzo pant is a key piece and can be paired with a crop top, tight tee,  or a blouse knotted at the waist. Leave it to designer Ralph Lauren to nail this look. A vertical stripe trouser is your secret weapon to make you taller and thinner than ever before. It’s up to you if you want to share the secret. Any way you style it, these pants are a winner in every way.

Ladies, listen up because here’s the key piece for decades to come. Sophia Loren made it famous, Anna Wintor uses it as her go-to, and now you can join in their ranks…..a lightweight cheetah print or pony hair walking coat is your secret weapon to complete style domination. Designers Saint Laurent and Bally highlight this look and make a lasting impression. The cheetah print and cow hide makes up today’s modern trench and is the perfect complement to your busy lifestyle. Black pants, jeans, or your LuLu Lemon leggings, this topper coat completes any look.

Spring fashion is such a welcome friend and reminder to live footloose and fancy free. Fluid fabrics that dance in the wind and bright colors that shine new light, warm weather dressing is about loosening the tension, opening the window and let the spring fever begin.

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Paris Spring Couture 2016 Wrap Up

10 Feb


Whether you were inspired by the styles, moved by the colors, or entertained by the Hollywood like productions that fashion shows have become, we are reminded that ultimately Paris couture fashion week is all about quality in custom creations. This kind of old world craftsmanship, painstaking attention to details, keen selection of fabric, and threads spun of real gold, couture is the pinnacle of luxury.

Quite the contrary, “fast fashion” should be considered the red headed step child hidden under the stairs to it’s relative “couture.”  “Fashion fashion” defines clothing collections which are based on the most current trends.  Cheap and affordable clothes are mass produced in rapid pace and distributed to stores in the fastest way possible.  The consumer eats, digests, and regurgitates these pieces like the #1 value meal at McDonald’s.  It looks good in the pictures and seems like a guiltless pleasure but in the end it leaves us dissatisfied and empty. Retailers flood the stores with racks upon racks of gotta-have-it now colorful tees, jeans, and paper thin sweaters and jackets. This is a problem for the fine art of couture fashion.

After watching a full week of shows in Paris, I feel like I’ve been to every museum and cultural event in town. Each piece comes to life on the runway like art in motion. Every elegant outfit is a wearable work of art that must be revered and admired as if were as precious as a master’s painting hanging in the Louvre.

_VAL1164 _VAL1137 _VAL0383Viktor & Rolf Spring 2016 CoutureViktor & Rolf Spring 2016 Couture

Speaking of masters, the couture house Valentino and its spring collection and over all brand are just that- master works of art. This spring, Valentino wistfully recalls the romanic medieval times. Juliet style silhouettes of fine silk and brocade which frame the feminine figure in a soft, elegant line as if she were stepping out of a Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

The theme of fashion as works of art continued with Viktor and Rolf’s couture spring collection. Statuesque models moved as if almost petrified in cubist art designs. Picasso himself would have been moved by such an interpretation. To make fabric crease, cut, fold, mold, and lay at such attention shows how the hands of a genius can create given the space.Zuhair Murad Spring 2016 Couture

Zuhair Murad’s collection titled “Amour-en-Cage”-love in cage- was exactly that. Boning in corsets and skirts was skillfully used in the construction to frame and shape the fabric. Lace overlays and floral appliqués looked like a garden of flowers and butterflies under glass.

Guo Pei Spring 2016 CoutureGuo Pei Spring 2016 Couture

What was equally exciting was Guo Pei’s Paris Couture debut. She was made famous by designing the gilded gold robe that Rihanna wore to the Met Gala last year. All eyes were on this custom designer who has gone viral and she didn’t disappoint. How befitting that her background  was in costume design which made creating a couture collection come as naturally to her as any gifted and inspired artist.  Use of fine details like feathers, crystals, tassels and touches of fur, Pei showed no restraint to adorn each piece as if were made for a diva herself.

Paris Spring Couture 2016 reminds me a renaissance waiting to happen.  Skillful artisans using age old techniques with fabric, thread, beads, and patterns. Sewing is an art. Designing fashion is a true talent. Using the finest material the trade has to offer is the standard. Combined, this is what couture is all about- an appreciation for the fine art of fashion which shouldn’t be rushed or reduced, rather it should be respected, preserved, and revered.