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The Perfect BB Cream-Korean Style

5 Apr

While all my friends’ toes were in the sand on spring break, I traveled half way around the world in 15 minutes to Korea-in Naperville.

A big island of a store cemented in a vast concrete beach, Hmart Asian Grocery was my final destination.  No passport required.  Hmart is an indoor bazar peddling exotic produce, fresh bakery goods, and fish I didn’t recognize.  Off set in a corner of the store, featured a kiosk of 80’s retail glam including purses and scarves that left me longing for my MTV.

My travel plans were specific though.  I was on the search for the elusive beauty products that make the Asian women look like dolls at every age.  The make up counter was situated right inside the main entrance and looked like an authentic duty free store at the airport.

The woman working there was wearing a traditional Asian outfit with Harem Samurai pants, obi belt, complete with gorgeous skin.

“I am looking for BB Cream,” I said.

“Oh, BB Cream.  Right here,” she smiled, bowed slightly, and pointed to the small display.

She offered samples of the different Korean brands.  “All BB Cream,” she said, smoothing each brand on the back of my hands.

The difference was clear and opaque.  Clear that the L’Oreal brand I’d scooped up at Target was not the quality of the Korean brand “Skin79”.  (Funny English name but made in Korea).  “Skin79” came out of the bottle a dark tone and yet it matched my light skin.  It was smooth, thick and soft.  It covered my face evenly, perfectly.  Diminishing all imperfections, my complexion was as flawless as a doll’s.    The box read “triple functions-whitening, UV protecting, wrinkle improvement.”  If it had offed a “winning lottery ticket” it couldn’t have been more perfect and magical.  Sold!  http://www.skin79northamerica.com/

After checking out, the clerk reached below and said, “I have sample for you.  Eye cream.”  She handed me a small, gold, foil packet, “SNAIL Wrinkle Recover.”  “For eyes.  Here’s sample,” she offered.

Huh?  Report to follow.Image