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Trend Dressing Update

27 Sep

As the director and commentator for the fashion show production company, Fashions with Flair, I am often asked by friends and family, “how can I update my look?” Well, I am also the single mother of four kids, so my answer combines my fashion background with my practical lifestyle. I include a trend dressing segment in all of our fashion show productions. This fall I took wardrobe staples every woman has in her closet and showed how effortless it is to add a little flair to your everyday routine.

If you’re anything like me, you’re in Target almost every day. Milk, toiletries, prescriptions …..and you pass the latest fashion staples on the way! I recently heard that if Target had a bar it would be the perfect place! I took four looks that I routinely wear and added the best of fashion accessories to make it fresh and new.

1. Jeans and a white tee shirt:

  •  bright plaid shirt tied at the waist which gives you a slimming effect
  • an army green flack jacket
  • a fur charm hooked to your belt loop


2. Black pants and a black sweater

  • off white sweater duster with black woven leather belt at the waist-Black and white unite!


3. LBD

  • denim shirt tied at the waist (you know why)
  • camel vest
  • blue fur infinity scarf


4. Black leather pencil skirt (yes Target is selling this!) and white blouse

  • lots of pearls around your neck
  • white curly lamb car coat (no, Target doesn’t have this LOL…..York Furrier)

Happy fall and happy fashion!





What’s Your Name?….Say About You

18 Mar

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?  Pretend you’re someone else?  It doesn’t matter if it was someone fictitious or famous, I bet the thought crosses minds a lot.  I’ve found being someone else is as easy as changing your name-temporarily.

Citing from personal experience, when your private life compares to watching paint dry, being someone else, anyone else, is way better than the facts.  I’ve had an awful lot of fun lately meeting new people and taking on a pseudo name. In full disclosure, I let my new friends in on my role play.  I’m just out to have some harmless fun.   It’s amazing the positive responses to names like “Cinnamon” and “Niki”.  This is brand-name shopping at its best.   Who wants “Pepsi” over “Coke”?  “Chaps” verses “Ralph Lauren”?  “Bronzeville” or “Gold Coast”?

I haven’t done a formal analysis, but I’m guessing that pretending to be someone else is a desire similiar Freud’s theory on sexual, fantastical, frequent thoughts-it happens a lot.

Last night, in honor of St. Pat’s, “Shannon” replaced Nichole.  Nichole just wasn’t Irish enough.  Results are in and  “Shannon” scored a very hot “Kevin”.  Today, it’s back to reality.

what kind of first impression do you make

26 Apr

I’m no Carrie Bradshaw.  I don’t live in the “city”.  And I haven’t a clue about people’s sex-capades (yet) but this is what I picture blogging to be like.  A stream of my conscience typed involuntarily through my fingers for the whole world to read my thoughts.  Have you ever been asked, “if you could have super powers, what would you choose?”  To read people’s minds was never my favorite but here I am giving it to you freely.

Fashion is my passion and image is everything.  JFK is to blame really. It was he who changed how the world judges people forever.  The first televised debates proved that we “look” before we “listen”.  He was gorgeous first, substance a distance second.

I want to be your virtual best friend. Through my travels, I have the great fortune to uncover beauty and fashion secrets that only your best friend would tell you…if she knew.  Trend setting advice meant to make the best first impression every time……

Is there a doctor in the house?  Yes. I’ll share with you the one tool that makes your skin look years younger-at any age, any stage….