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What’s in a Name?

7 Dec

“What’s in a name?” William Shakespeare so famously probed and got me thinking about my company’s name, Fashions with Flair.

My mother, who founded FWF in 1985, was a certified teacher. As such, she believed that the audience should go home having learned something useful to apply to their everyday routine. In that spirit,  I created our signature “trend dressing” segment and, in each of our shows, I highlight all the easy ways to update and enhance your wardrobe.

Thus, “Fashions with Flair” says it all -we bring clothes to life.

At our most recent fashion show, with the help of our gorgeous models and fashion show coordinator, Judy Placek, I took what you already have in your closet-jeans and a nice white tee shirt-and gave it “of the now ‘wow’” style. Looks made for any age, any size…here’s your 411 for fashion fun!

Here are your options from global retailer White House Black Market.

  1. Monochromatic color styling with a burgundy cardigan, obi belt, crushed velvet scarf and cross body bag.
  2. Silver paillette studded poncho with silver belted front and pearl and silver choker necklace.
  3. Cropped fringe suede jacket in dove grey with long tassel necklace.
  4. Black moto jacket and over the top rock star-studded jeweled clutch. Bam!

Let me help infuse life into your wardrobe by shopping your closet for great mix and match ideas.

Check out my Pinterest board to see more looks. https://www.pinterest.com/niemannnichole/fwf-jeans-and-white-tee-trend-dressing/


What’s Your Name?….Say About You

18 Mar

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?  Pretend you’re someone else?  It doesn’t matter if it was someone fictitious or famous, I bet the thought crosses minds a lot.  I’ve found being someone else is as easy as changing your name-temporarily.

Citing from personal experience, when your private life compares to watching paint dry, being someone else, anyone else, is way better than the facts.  I’ve had an awful lot of fun lately meeting new people and taking on a pseudo name. In full disclosure, I let my new friends in on my role play.  I’m just out to have some harmless fun.   It’s amazing the positive responses to names like “Cinnamon” and “Niki”.  This is brand-name shopping at its best.   Who wants “Pepsi” over “Coke”?  “Chaps” verses “Ralph Lauren”?  “Bronzeville” or “Gold Coast”?

I haven’t done a formal analysis, but I’m guessing that pretending to be someone else is a desire similiar Freud’s theory on sexual, fantastical, frequent thoughts-it happens a lot.

Last night, in honor of St. Pat’s, “Shannon” replaced Nichole.  Nichole just wasn’t Irish enough.  Results are in and  “Shannon” scored a very hot “Kevin”.  Today, it’s back to reality.