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Coachella Fashion and a Whole Lot More

22 Apr

When you mix celebs, music, fashion, and put it all in a remote desert location, what you get is a sick mix of off the chain awesomeness.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a multi faceted mix of entertainment with music being the main draw but fashion is the becoming the Kanye West to the Taylor Swift-a side show that gets your attention. The festival brings about 180,0000 people each year to Indio and Palm Springs, California and takes place Friday-April 12 and April 17-19 so buckle up, with back to back weekends, this sh-t gonna get real real.

Like the movie themes of Weekend at Bernie’s combined with Risky Business and touch of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Coachella is a millennial’s excuse to let it all hang out and then memorialize it on Instagram. When this type of epic low down is happening, rest assured people are dropping a few dimes and dressing for the occasion. You ask, “What is the dress code for dance club in the desert?” – well we’re here to break it down, bust it out, and help get yo swag on.

In the fabulous life of the young, rich, and famous what you wear is like a mating call of clothes. Lots of skin covered with tats, cut outs, cut offs, and crop tops are the go-to favorite to show the body art. There’s no shortage of denim and lace and designers like Nanette Lapore bring  signature girlish charm.  Accessories are all part of the hippie vibe. Fringe cross body bags, floppy hats, and flower headbands all add to the mood. The glam squad in attendance includes Gigi Hadid, the Jenner clan, Biebs, and Chris Brown and they’re always DTI. Last year Hadid wore a chestnut colored suede vest. This look was so loved, the style made its way into retail stores around the globe as a key piece. Flat caps and screen tees are a DJ’s favorite uniform.

Pop up shops and interactive virtual reality experiences from H & M are the new, modern way to titalize their audience in real time.  The most recent designer to buy into the buzz is Calvin Klein. In an effort join the “in” crowd, Klein and their multiple subsidiaries will host a “brand experience” over the weekend. Well, hell ya, “brand me“!-whateveh that means.

Temperatures rise with body heat combined with hot as hell desert conditions, pool parties are happening at hotels and private residences so off the hook that even Robin Leach would drop his dentures in ecstasy. Coachella has a modern-day Woodstock vibe (if you’re old enough to make that connection) but with parties set in über elite retreats.

Coachella attracts an orgasmic line up of talent and entertainment. The event may self combust with young, hottie fever.  Get your posse locked and loaded-this event isn’t for amatures.


Here’s my Pinterest for inspiration https://www.pinterest.com/niemannnichole/coachella-2016-fashion-and-more/








Paris Couture 2016 Spring part 2

3 Feb

Get ready to drop a few dimes and dress like you mean it. The lineup of designers midweek include Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab, and Stéphane Rolland. With the name comes a reputation and expectation to be “wowed” and I’m still speechless. A feast for the eyes! Titillating creations! Ethereal fabrics! Sexy! Yes, Paris Couture Fashion Week 2016 has hit its stride. 

Midweek shows appeal to the girl who considers herself a traditionalist. Timeless style, elegant fabric, and a penchant for details, this group of designers, overall, stayed true to their roots-expected tweed from Chanel, risque and racy from Gaultier, fragile luxury from Saab, and sexy sophistication from Rolland. Even though predicated and expected, there is something to be said about a solid brand that doesn’t disappoint. 

Exercising control and restraint in a world that demands new and improved is hard for the tried and true fashion houses. Finding a balance between these polar opposites challenges even the most seasoned designers. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, keeps in step with the suited styles of tweed but his modern twist was to add a hip belt to carry your Iphone. 

Elie Saab’s collection was consistent with rich decadence that just looking at it made your teeth hurt. The finest laces, jewels, and trims reminded me of opening a Maharajah treasure chest. Saab added jeweled combat boots and rockstar jumpsuits to make it more “of the now”.

The fashion show setting and staging has taken over as a signification part of the production. Creating a mood by using elaborate backdrops is a vast departure from the historical white paneled staging of yester year.  Chanel’s show manufactured a grassy garden with a Japanese style wood bento box erected in the Grand Palais.  Gaultier didn’t disappoint either. His setting was a hedonistic night club.  What made this even more interesting was the models’ “chewing up the scenery”- a choreographer’s term to define overacting on stage. 

A model wears a creation for Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring-Summer 2016 Haute Couture fashion collection presented in Paris, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)



There is one collection that still languishes in mind like a pheromone perfume inviting a night of sexy seduction. Stéphane Rolland’s collection was interesting, exciting, sophisticated, sexy, powerful, and feminine-a full range of details that have left me thinking. Rolland takes a lot of fashion design staples and puts them together in a modern way. The black bow, high/low hem line, and origami pleated details combined to make it interesting to the eye mixing little girl charm with womanly sophistication.

Blending past, present, and future is what it’s all about this week in Paris. Iconic designers mixing their old trade artesian craftsmanship with steely tech savvy creates couture that’s out of this world.

Key Trends for Fall ’15

27 Dec

As a fashion show producer and professional commentator, I am often asked by my friends, family, and clients, “what are the key trends for the season?” I am also the mother of four children who want a home cooked meal every night, so my fashion choices have to be approachable, wearable, accessible, and understandable. I work with the top models, dj’s, choreographers, and designers, so I get to see what’s hot FIRST and hand deliver it right to you-Spark Notes for fall 2015 fashion!

First, your wardrobe has to be built on a solid foundation of key coordinates. I’m a firm believer in quality basic pieces. The must-haves include:

  1. a crisp, well fitted, white blouse
  2. quality jeans
  3. fitted white tee
  4. black leather jacket
  5. the best LBD money can buy

From here, sky’s the limit in accessory dressing and where the real fun begins!

This season, fashion and practicality go together! Woo Hoo! It’s more modern to mix than to match, so break the rules and mash up the patterns. Say bye, bye to boring solids and take a turn on the wild side. Plaid does go with polka dots and cheetah print is the new neutral so wear it with almost everything. Tom Ford….nails it!


Marc by Marc Jacobs brings boyish charm to feminine dressing. The latest new comer in neckwear is the silk ascot. It’s making a grand entrance in an oh-so-ladylike way.  Colorful, sophisticated and soft, this key piece tied in various ways says, “you’ve arrived.”

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 3.43.09 PM

Brooches aren’t just for the Queen Mum anymore.  Pin a piece on your lapel, in the center of your silk ascot, or in the middle of your bikini top. This accessory is a statement-making piece that adds power and performance. Balenciaga show how to make a woman shine with this one key piece.

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 3.44.10 PM

An apple a day in winter doesn’t keep the doctor away quite like a fur coat! But it’s not your grandmother’s fur anymore.  Rockstar glamour comes with fun, colorful coats that make silver white winters turn into a Forth of July parade.


It’s a party for your feet this fall, too!  Colorful kicks take you all over town with your cuffed jeans.  This is exactly the trend I’ve been dreaming of to put a spring in my everyday routine.


A surprise this season comes by way of make up. Any age and any size, self tanning bronzer from Trish McEvoy is a one size fits all.  It is your secret weapon against the dead of winter blues. A light dusting and I swear you’ll feel younger- just wait ’til your friends notice.


Here’s your cheat sheet for what’s hot as the temps drop. It’s all in the details this fall season and we’ve got you covered from head to toe with the crash course in fall trend dressing 2015.  It’s up to you if you want to share!




Bright Eyed

5 Mar

This morning my phone chirped a text at 6:40am.  Given the time of day, I knew it must be important.  It read, “any suggestions for a product that will help take my black circles under my eyes away?”  It was a 911 make up emergency and I was at the ready.  Down the fire pole, I slid into action.

Make up professionals aren’t called artists for no good reason.  We are talent masters of illusion using noninvasive techniques.  I have been in the fashion industry since I had pimples so proper make up technique became a necessity.  I learned make up application is like anything, master the basics and then build from there.  

Under eye concealer is one of my favorite tricks to enhance youth and beauty.  It is often underrated or overlooked. Why?  I have no idea but it needs to be part of your routine everyday.

It takes four products to make the magic happen.  A moisturizer, a pot concealer, white pencil and translucent powder.  

Step 1.  Gently apply moisturizer to your face and neck.  It is critical that you always use tender care when working with the skin around your eye.  NEVER rub or pull.

Step 2. Use a wedge sponge to apply the concealer.  Apply the product using the narrow end of the sponge patting the concealer under your entire eye up to the lashes and the width of your finger tip.  Take the wide end of the sponge and feather the edges to blend.

Step 3. Use a white chubby pencil and sparingly dab color in your inner eye and blend.  Take the same pencil and highlight your brow bone.  This technique opens your eye up, makes it brighter and diminishes dark circles.

Step 4. Set with a brush dipped in translucent loose face powder.

The best news of all……this emergency repair advice won’t require you to get Obamacare.


My Front Row Seat at Milan’s Fashion Week

10 Feb

Milan, Italy is the iconic breeding ground for all things “fashion”.  It is a city that dresses up to go grocery shopping.  The McDonald’s, located on the footsteps of the Duomo,  has a five-star view of its famous roof top gargoyles and spires.  Milan is the home to world-renowned designers Alberta Ferretti and Moschino.  My friend and I had front row seats to both designers’ fashion shows during fashion week.  Thankfully, I recovered from my borderline demonic, possessed excitement and have lived to tell.

The invitation to the Ferretti show made a big first impression and was a statement maker in its sheer enormity.  It was hand delivered to our hotel by someone on par of an armed guard.  Impossible to miss and duplicate, it was our golden ticket.  The invitation gave vague instructions of location and time.  Its ambiguity and mystery added to the frenzy.

Dressed like we were “someone”, we stood on the steps outside the venue.  Just like nightclub customs, security had all guests wait behind the velvet rope while VIP celebrities, stylists, and editors were waved up the stairs.  Sufficiently pent-up with frustration and anticipation, we were welcomed inside.  The atmosphere was electric.  Music was playing, champagne was at the ready, sunlight poured in and we were invited guests!

Dead center stage of the models’ entrance, we saw everything first.  Model after model, one by one, charged the runway at a breakneck pace.   The overall impression was of sophistication, luxury and beauty-exactly how I would describe the city of Milan.

As a board member of The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Women’s Board, we offer silent and live auction prizes like this trip!  You too can attend fashion week or travel the Nile or sail BVI Bitter End Yacht Club all the while fundraising for the brightest minds in science.

Join us on November 8, 2014.



#1 Neglected Fashion Trend

24 Oct

In an unofficial capacity, I was an audience member at a fashion show last night.  I know, it’s like a postman taking a walk on his day off.  But unlike the metaphorical postman and his leisurely walk, I used the time for research and professional development.

The fashion show was the usual routine including lights, music, a runway, models and a jet set crowd of fashionistas.  When I produce a fashion show, I like to entertain and educate the audience on all things fashion.  This is what sets me apart from other producers and what was missing in the mix of models and music in the show.

“Fashion” is a head to toe concept in my book.  In particular, I subscribe to the belief that the number one secret to updating your look and shedding years off your appearance is to visit a cosmetic counter every year.  Nichole’s Fashion Commandment: your make up gets noticed before your outfit does.

As a fashion show commentator and producer, I have access to all the latest trends, top models, current styles and colors.  The one thing I consistently recommend is a professional make up application. This Saturday at Lord and Taylor Oak Brook, we will be highlighting the latest trends in skin care and make up.  Live demonstrations, questions and answers, plus tons of free products make this event the hottest ticket in town.

I’ve discovered the fountain of youth and it’s in the cosmetic department at Lord and Taylor Oak Brook.  Put your best face forward and come join me this Saturday!



Me, Amy Elliott, Lorena Munoz at "Rev it Up" fashion show

Me, Amy Elliott, Lorena Munoz at “Rev it Up” fashion show

"Rev it Up" fashion show

“Rev it Up” fashion show

Lord and Taylor Free Make up Event

7 May

I’m all in support of party with a cool theme.  I’ve chaired a few social soirees myself and a theme can be the force behind the frenzy.  A themed party is like Halloween.  You get to dress up and have an excuse to go outside your comfort zone a little.  But, sticking to my reputation as being a bit traditional and conservative, I’m always gonna choose the “pretty” character to copy.  For example, in a party with a circus theme, I’m going as the flying trapeze artist or the trick horse lady-both cute in leotards and feathers.  If it’s a superhero’s theme, Catwoman is awesome because she’s a sexy cat, of course.

The same applies to this year’s Met Gala, where patrons, celebs, models, and tagalongs came in punk inspired hair, make up and couture.  Here’s a collection of my favorite, feminine- not offending- beauties.

If you like what you see, come visit me this Saturday, May 11 at Lord and Taylor Oakbrook.  I am moderating a FREE beauty event which includes make up artists who can create these very looks for any special occasion.  This is a perfect event for the prom set looking to meet a make up artist to add that special touch.

call me 630-484-7561

180 Oakbrook Center